Cosmic Ghost Rider 1 Stegman Variant


  • Comic Script by: Stephanie Phillips
  • Illustrated by: Juann Cabal
  • Cover Design or Artwork by: Ryan Stegman

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VENGEANCE REAWAKENED! In a far-flung corner of deep space, Frank Castle has eked out a quiet existence, his days as Cosmic Ghost Rider finally behind him. But across the universe, a vicious bounty hunter is leaving a trail of bodies in his wake and his name is…Cosmic Ghost Rider?! When Frank’s peaceful existence is shattered, he must suit up once more and face his most savage enemy yet – himself! Be there for the start of a sprawling space adventure with shocking twists and turns in the saga of Cosmic Ghost Rider!

Información adicional

  • ISBN: 75960620451900141
  • Formato: Grapa
  • Número páginas: 40
  • A color

Fecha de salida: 01.03.2023


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