[Preventa] Fantastic Four 3


  • Comic Script by: Ryan North
  • Illustrated by: Iban Coello
  • Cover Design or Artwork by: Alex Ross

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“WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE FANTASTIC FOUR?” The Human Torch is alone in New York, trying to survive in a city that hates and fears – well, mostly him specifically. There’s just one thing for Johnny to do: Adopt an all-new secret identity and take an all-new job nobody else wants! But when things at work heat up, Johnny discovers that while you can forget the past, that doesn’t mean it’ll stay buried…and has to decide if there’re certain things that the Human Torch can’t let himself do! Also! In this issue, Johnny Storm fights a tornado!

Información adicional

  • ISBN: 75960620289800311
  • Formato: Grapa
  • Número páginas: 32
  • A color


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